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Custom Fly Tying

For many years, we have offered custom fly tying as a special service to our local customers, as well as to our mail order customers that inquired. With the addition of an extra few tyers to our staff, we can now offer the same service on a wider basis. Furnish us with the details, pattern or sample of your favorite fly and we will tie it to your specifications.

Terms and Conditions:

1) The minimum order for custom tying is one-half dozen of a pattern and size

2) Rates will be approximately 10% higher than normal pricing for a similar fly. For example, a stock standard dry fly retails for $1.75. A custom tied fly of like style would be about $1.90.

3) Custom orders will be accepted from July 1 to March 30th. No custom orders will be accepted for delivery from April 1 to June 30th.

4) All custom orders must be secured by a credit card.

5) Expect about a 30 day delivery time.

6) We reserve the right to refuse to tie any fly, because of material expense, excessive tediousness etc.