2603 East College Avenue State College, PA 16801 | 814-234-4189


Why Shop at Flyfisher's Paradise?

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  • In this era of big box stores & faceless online ordering, we are a small, personalized operation that actually pays attention to customers.
  • We don’t fill your mailbox with one glossy catalog after another. One simple black & white catalog, the only one we send out each new year, is full of information & the best quality, reasonably priced supplies. We vet everything & choose those products that meet our high standards while ensuring a range of prices for the budget conscious.
  • The hands-on owner, Steve Sywensky, has been flyfishing for 60 years, since he started at the age of 8.
  • Some of our fly tying materials are dyed personally by Steve & packaged by the staff, who also cut up choice hides, sort the feathers into bags, & wrap the specialized materials around cards so you can get just what you need & want at the most reasonable price.
  • The staff, with an additional 60+ years of experience, provides an actual person that can answer your questions. No annoying computer voice with numbers for you to press. Just a pleasant voice saying, “Flyfisher’s Paradise’” & you are in!
  • You can also place your order by phone if you are not in the area. Many flyfishers make our store a destination as they enjoy the area’s top-quality trout streams. But when they can’t get here, they call for tying or fishing supplies. Our shipping department, Steve, (yes the owner really likes that part of the job!) ships your order the same day or the next. It won’t be in a fancy box because we recycle any suitable box that our customers/friends drop off to us!
  • Yes, we have a website for the convenience of online ordering: flyfishersparadiseonline.com


As you can see, we are literally minutes from some of the best flyfishing streams in the country. We are also near Penn State University, which provides many additional activities for spouses & children while you are exploring the waters. Probably shouldn’t try to visit on a football weekend, tho! There are many fine hotels & eateries in the area, entertainment abounds on the weekends with famous acts at the Bryce Jordan Center & other facilities (check online for schedules, particularly @StateCollege.com)


But you really should get to the store. Sometimes people coming in look like kids in a candy store! The long-time customer enjoys the ambience & the conversations even when they’re not buying. After 44 years in business, we are into many third-generation customers.Hope you are or will be one of the many customers who enjoy their Flyfisher’s Paradise experience!

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