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Olive Shrimp

Whether you call them shrimp or use the more current jargon , scuds, the tiny crustaceans of the genus Gammarus play an important role in the diet of Central PA trout, esecially on small- to medium-sized trout streams like Spring Creek and Logan Branch. While sowbugs (cressbugs) may be numerically more important, trout seem to relish shrimp as much as trout anglers do.

The pattern presented below, used for over thirty-five years on Central PA spring creeks, is adapted from an article by the late Al Troth, that appeared in Fly Fisherman in the 1980s. Like many effective flies this tie probably also mimics another omnipresent trout food, an olive caddis larva.

Tying Instructions

Hook: Tiemco #3769 or Dai-ichi #1550, #12-20
Thread: Danville's 6/0 light olive
Weight: .015" lead wire for sizes #12-16, .010' lead wire for #18-20
Ribbing: Danville's monofilament thread or 5X or 6X clear tippet
Shellback: Clear Scud-back or strip of 2 mil clear plastic, as wide as the gap of the hook
Body: Hare-line #11, Wapsi olive beaver preblend, or other medium olive dubbing
Legs: Pick out the body heavily.

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