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Big Fishing Creek


Map ©2012. Used with permission. "Trout Streams of Pennsylvania" by Dwight Landis.

Clinton County's Big Fishing Creek is Pennsylvania's northernmost limestone stream with public access.  From its headwaters near Rte. 80 in the highlands east of Tylersville to its mouth on Bald Eagle Creek near Lock Haven, this stream is Class A water throughout.  In addition to a strong population of wild brown trout, Fishing Creek also features a good population of wild brook trout.

Although it is blue ribbon water for its entire length, most anglers prefer the trophy trout area, known as "The Narrows", stretching some five miles between Lamar on Rte. 64 and Tylersville.  This is some of the prettiest water anywhere in Pennsylvania, with long, deep pools seperated by pocket water ideal for fishing stonefly nymphs.  A section of this water is also dotted with cabins, and the cottage owners, as is their right, have posted their area against Sunday fishing.

In many respects Big Fishing Creek mirrors Penns Creek.  Both are set in rugged canyons, and both can be a challenge to wade.  Both Fishing and Penns Creek have a wonderful diversity of insect hatches, including the Grannom and Green Drake.  In othe respects, however, these two streams are quite different.  While Penns Creek often discolors at the least amount of rain, Fishing Creek maintains its clarity despite hard showers.  Then too, Fishing Creek rarely excedes 65 degrees in  the summer, making its July and August Blue Quill, Isonychia, Blue-winged Olive and White Midge hatch a hot weather treat.